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  1. Send us an E-mail about your requests or inquiries and our team will provide further detailed information regarding the surgery.
  2. Inform us of your preferred period of the operation and send all required documents via consult@interplastclinic.com to complete the booking.
    Client must have a doctor performed preoperative physical checkup and be confirmed to be free from serious diseases and must pass the following blood tests.
    Client is required to submit following documents before the operation:- A copy of your photo identification. Or it could be driver license, passport, etc. (One of them)
    – Medical checks as followed:

    • CBS (red blood cell & white blood cell and platelet count)
    • HIV Electrolytes
    • FBS (Fasting blood sugar)
    • Creatinine Urinalysis
    • Alkaline Phosphatase
    • Chest X-ray
    • SGOT
    • LDH
    • EKG
    • If your age is over 40, you also need to send anti-HIV, and kidney and liver function test with the above test

    *Please note that your laboratory tests need to be done three months prior your surgery date and ideally our medical team will review those tests. Also, we will have to check on your body again when you arrive. So, it is important that you never conceal any underlying health condition. If we find something that impact surgical procedures and the operation cannot be done, we do not take any responsibility.  

  3. Original signed (hard-copy) documents of claimed diagnoses or referrals. We will collect you documents during consultation.
  4. The booking will not be confirmed until the 10% deposit payment is received.

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