• Buttock-Augmentation

Buttock augmentation is for anyone who is not comfortable with the shape of their buttocks. If you have flat or saggy buttocks that do not flatter your clothes or make your legs look shorter, a buttock augmentation will come in handy. It guarantees fullness, roundness and projection of your buttock. A balanced figure is a big boost to your self-image and self-confidence.

Buttock augmentation uses a lipo or an implant to raise the saggy, flat buttocks while giving you shapely and attractive buttocks. An illegal silicone will give you a good looking butt within the first 6 months, but later the silicone will begin moving to your thighs making them look bigger. You will end up with more unsatisfactory results.


Operation techniques depend on the shape of the buttocks.

  1. Fat grafting Injections

It is also called Brazilian Butt Lift.  It involves liposuction from another area and then a reinjection to your buttocks.


  • Non allergic because it uses patient’s fat
  • It appears more natural
  • Doctor can manage position and volume of fat injection


  • Double incisions, both in the donate area and buttocks
  • Patient cannot have very big buttock in one operation
  1. Buttock Augmentation with Implants

An implant is inserted within the gluteus muscle through a single midline incision of around 7 cm. The incision is done on tail bone or spine.


  • Suitable for patient with no fat storage
  • A patient can get a very big buttock in one operation


  • The implant is only inserted on the upper part of buttock to avoid disturbing the sensitive scartia nerve found on the lower part of buttock
  • Advantage
  • suitable for patient who have no fat storage
  • patient can have very big buttock in one operation
  • Disadvantage
  • the implant only can be inserted on upper part of buttock because lower part of buttock have sciatica nerve (big and important nerve) which the implant may disturb the nerve
  1. Buttock lift with augmentation

The procedure involves inserting implant and a combination of liposuction and lipo-injection concurrently. Depending on what you want, you can either get a fat injection or a silicone implant to add volume or get a buttock lift. For a buttock lift, your skin will be removed from just above the buttocks to perform the augmentation using your own localized fat flaps. The doctor can also use fat injections or implants.

It is suitable for patients with sagging or drooping buttock skin — buttock ptosis. The choice of the procedure depends on the severity of the ptosis.


  • Your bathing suit, undergarments or swimwear can conceal the scar conveniently
  • You will get a perfect buttock feature compared to an implant or fat grafting

Position of implant

  1. Subcutaneous

The implant is inserted in a muscle


  • Good buttock shape
  • No harm to important nerve


  • Implant shape may be visible
  • The implant can be excess from the skin
  1. Sub Muscular

It’s a standard technique that entails stressing two gluteal muscle and placing an implant between 2 muscles.


  • Gives a perfect buttock feature
  • The implant is not visible
  • The implant is not excess from the skin


  • Needs a specialized or expert doctor

Buttock implant

  1. Types
  • solid silicone


  • Does not rupture


  • Firmer buttocks
  • Cohesive gel silicone


  • Soft and natural feel
  • Less palpable


  • Possibility of rupture
  • Not available in the US
  1. Shape 


It is either round or water drop

  1. Surface

The design of the surface depends on the doctor. It can be either rough or smooth.


1.1 Buttock shape evaluation

The size of the button determines silicone size

Shape determines whether a balanced proportion will be achieved through upper, middle or lower butt

Skin elasticity gives the right combination for trimming the skin for a perfect outcome

1.2 Type of silicone

The doctor needs to decide on the shape, volume and surface of silicone. Go for

  • Round or ellipse shape
  • Volume of gel silicone should be 200-370 CC

 1.3 Types of incision  

  • Midline

  • Para-median

1.4 Position of implant

  • Subcutaneous
  • Submuscular

1.5 Assess need for liposuction

If you have excess fat on the back or abdomen, consider a liposuction for a perfect body proportion.

1.6 Lipoinjection

  • Appropriate for patients requiring lateral buttock
  • It’s combined with insert buttock implant

1.7 Need for buttock lift

  • Lift operation is combined for patients with sagging skin for skin tightening
  • It is done after buttock augmentation to increase effectiveness
  • The incision can be hidden beneath underwear
  1. Pre operation preparation
  • Do not use anti-inflammatory drugs such as aspirin, smoking and supplementary 2 weeks to the operation to avoid possibility of Anticoagulation
  • Do not take food and water 6 hours before the operation
  • Prepare for a 2-weeks stay in Thailand
  • Bring a friend to the operation
  • Give your medical history to surgeon before operation
  • Decide on the type of silicone to use 3 weeks before operation
  • In case of chronic conditions, consult exhaustively with the doctor
  • If you have any open wound, postpone the operation
  • In case of diarrhea, postpone the operation to avoid infection of the incision
  • Do not combine buttock augmentation with another operation such as breast augmentation, unless it is a small liposuction
The Procedure
  1. Fat grafting Injections

Put on general anesthesia, get incision on umbilicus or groin for liposuction while on a prone lying position. Fat will be reinjected to the buttock and then get a stitch on the wound

  1. Buttock Augmentation with Implants

After putting on general Anesthesia, get an incision of about 5-7 cm on tail bone to make a pocket for implant. The doctor will insert an implant, tube drainage and stitch on. After the operation, you may need to insert urinary catheterization. The procedure will take around 2-3 hours.

Post Operation
  • Rest in the hospital for 2-3 days
  • Remove tube drainage after 3 days
  • Remove stitch 10-14 days after operation
  • Avoid sitting on day 1 after operation, on day 2 you can sit while baring partial weight on the buttock
  • Prone lying or side lying in the first phase of recovery
  • Doctor will open and clean the wound in day 2-3
  • Do not let the bandage touch water
  • Sit on cushion pillow in week 2
  • Get a lot of rest in week 1
  • You can resume high intensity exercise 6-8 weeks
  • No injections on the buttock
  • You may experience pain in 1-3 month