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Cheekbone Augmentation in Thailand

We offer cheekbone augmentation using the most up-to-date techniques, including implants and autologous fat transfer.



Although beauty comes in many shapes and sizes, many people are not happy with the shape of their face. Some people are bothered about the lack of volume in their cheeks. The cheeks can also lose volume or start sagging with age.

As its name suggests, cheekbone augmentation is a surgical procedure that is intended to add volume or lift to the cheeks and emphasize the cheekbones. By enhancing the shape, contour, and balance of the face, cheekbone augmentation can add shape and volume for a lifted, younger looking face.

Cheekbone augmentation can be performed using implants made from synthetic materials such as silicone, Alloderm, or Gore-Tex. Alternatively, fat transfer can be used to enhance the cheeks.

You may be a good candidate for cheekbone augmentation if you have thin, flat, or saggy cheeks and would like to improve their appearance. You also need to be in good general health with realistic expectations of what surgery can do for you.


Cheekbone augmentation surgery can be performed either
via an autologous fat graft or by using a synthetic implant.

Cheekbones using silicone implants

Several types of implants are available, and they come in different shapes and sizes. All implants used in surgery today are made from from extremely high-tech medical materials that have been used safely for many years. The surgeon will recommend the best type for you depending on your needs and the desired approach.

The surgery can be performed under general anesthesia where you will be asleep, or using a local anesthetic to numb the face. Our surgeons will be happy to discuss the available options and recommend the best solution for you.

The procedure is usually performed through incisions in the mouth, placed just above the gum line. The surgeon will create a small pocket above the cheekbone for inserting the implant, which is then positioned and stabilized using a screw which is left in place permanently.

Alternative incisions are sometimes used, especially when performing cheek implant surgery with other procedures. These include placing the incision under the eyelid or at the hairline.

Cheek augmentation using implants is a very safe procedure that provides permanent, life-long results.

Before the Surgery

  • Read the pre-surgery instructions to help prevent complications and improve outcomes for your surgery.


  • The recovery from the procedure may take a few weeks.
  • The results might not be visible right after the surgery due to temporary swelling, but as soon as this swelling subsides, you will get an idea of the results.