• Face-Chin Liposuction

Face-Chin Liposuction
When we get older, our skin loses its elasticity and becomes weak. The area surrounding the chin is one of the regions where the ageing process is visible the most. A very common result of this is the occurrence of a so-called double chin or sagging chin.

Today, a chin liposuction is the preferred way to remove unwanted double chins and tighten the skin in the chin area. It is especially suitable for men and women above the age of 30 suffering from excessive fat. In addition to chin liposuction, a neck lift should be considered by the patient.

A good chin liposuction can dramatically decrease this effect and make the face look up to 20 years younger.

การดูดไขมันคาง คลินิกในกรุงเทพมหานคร

To prepare yourself for an upcoming chin liposuction, you should avoid anti-inflammatory drugs or blood thinners such as aspirin. Refrain from smoking and do not take any pharmaceutical drugs causing anticoagulation at least two weeks prior the operation.

Some diet supplement containing high vitamin E or monosodium glutamate, garlic, onion or soybean may cause more bleeding during the operation. If you take any diet supplement or are not sure, please speak to your surgeon. You may need to stop taking diet supplements three to five days before the operation.

In case you have decided to be under full anaesthesia while undergoing the operation, you must refrain from eating or drinking anything at least six hours before the surgery begins. Smoking should be stopped one to two weeks earlier.

Please keep your medical history ready and hand it over to your surgeon on the day of the surgery. Even though most chin liposuction patients make a quick recovery, expect to take sick leave between five and seven days.

The Procedure

Depending on your or your doctor’s choice, you will either be under full or local anaesthesia. Local anaesthetics may be combined with mild sedatives to give you and your surgeon the necessary calmness to perform the highly accurate operation.

A 4-5mm long incision under the chin will allow the surgeon to gain access to the underlying fat tissue. The excessive fat tissue will be gently suctioned with a cannula until the expected results have been achieved. The surgeon will then stitch the wound.

Post Operation

After the surgery, please strictly follow your doctor’s prescriptions. In case you experience any allergic reaction such as strong itchiness or a rash after taking the drug, see your doctor immediately.

Keep your head lifted during your sleep by using, for instance, a second pillow. The expected swelling can be decreased by using cold packs and placing them around the chin area within the first two days. Five days after the surgery, the doctor will remove the stitches.