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Hymenoplasty in Thailand

Hymenoplasty involves the cosmetic repair of a woman’s hymen. Interplast Clinic offers hymenoplasty by expert surgeons at our clinic in Bangkok.


Hymenoplasty, also known as hymen reconstruction surgery, is becoming increasingly popular with women in many parts of the world. It is a fairly straightforward and quick procedure that involves the temporary reconstruction of a woman’s hymen.

The hymen is a thin piece of mucosal tissue that surrounds the vaginal opening. It forms part of the external genitalia and is similar in structure to the vagina.

The hymen can stretch or tear during sexual intercourse, but also in many other ways, including sporting activities such as horseback riding or any kind of vigorous exercise.

Women pursue hymen reconstruction surgery for various reasons. Some of them may include:

  • Cultural and religious reasons
    Women may choose to have hymen reconstruction surgery before they get married, since an intact hymen is widely believed to be a sign of virginity.
  • Revirginization
    This may involve wanting to “turn back the clock” for a number of personal reasons.
  • Accidental damage to the hymen
    Hymenoplasty can fix unintentional damage to the hymen via activities such as horseback riding or cycling.



Hymenoplasty is usually performed under local anaesthesia. The whole operation takes only 15-30 minutes to perform, and you will normally be able to return home soon after.

The surgery itself is a minimally invasive procedure that involves recreating a new hymen with the remains of the torn hymen.

The hymen actually has a secondary layer that will be sown together to cover up the torn skin. Once it has grafted together, the hymen will appear intact once more. The surgeon will use fine, dissolvable stitches that don’t need to be removed.

Before the Surgery

  • Read the pre-surgery instructions They will help prevent complications and improve outcomes for your surgery.
  • Bring loose-fitting underwear to wear after surgery.


  • Take all your medications as directed.
  • Avoid strenuous exercise and heavy lifting for the first 2-3 days.
  • You may be scheduled to attend a follow-up appointment 7 days after surgery.