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Lip Lift Surgery in Thailand

Interplast Clinic provides effective treatments to improve the appearance of the lips, including lip lift surgery.


One side-effect of aging is that the distance between the nose and the upper lip starts getting longer, increasing by about 1 mm or so every decade after your twenties.

Typically, patients unsatisfied with the appearance of their lips have been enlarging them with filler injections. But this is not always possible, especially when the distance between the upper lip and nose is very long and the upper lip completely covers the teeth when speaking.

In the last few years, lip lift surgery has become an increasingly popular option among women worldwide to enhance and rejuvenate their facial appearance.

The procedure aims to reduce the distance between the mouth and the nose, enhancing the shape of the lip and making it look fuller. By raising the vermilion border (the border between the lip and surrounding skin), lip lift surgery can also enhance the cupid’s bow as well as making lips look more youthful.



Lip lift surgery is a fairly simple outpatient procedure performed using a local anaesthetic. An incision is made along the lower edge of the nose which minimizes any visible scarring. The surgeon will remove a small amount of tissue between the nose and the top of the upper lip, raising the vermilion border by approximately 2-4 mm depending on individual requirements.

The shape of the lips can also be further enhanced with filler injections after the procedure if desired.

The whole operation typically takes only 20 minutes to perform.

Before & After

Before the Surgery

  • Read the pre-surgery instructions They will help prevent complications and improve outcomes for your surgery.
  • Wash your face thoroughly in the morning of your surgery.
  • You don’t need to fast.
  • You may want to bring a friend along to take you home afterwards.


  • Clean the wound as prescribed by your doctor, in the morning and evening, for the first 5 days after surgery.
  • Sutures are removed after 5 days.
  • You can wash your face and hair as normal.
  • Swelling should subside within 1-2 weeks.
  • Avoid any exercise that involves physical collision, such as football or basketball, for about 4 weeks.