• Lip Lift

As people age, the mouth goes through various changes. The upper lip becomes longer and sags, the Vermilion becomes fine and acquires a set look. The corners of the lip drop, and the shape becomes indistinct as the “lip roll” and the philtrum compress and the “cupid’s bow” loses its curves.

Lip lift shortens the lengthened lip of old age, thus letting the upper teeth show when the lips get a bit parted. It reverts majority of the upper lip vermilion, thereby making the thin lips look youthful.

  • Inform the doctor about known allergies, severe medical conditions(s), and any medications you are taking either prescription or non-prescription.
  • Do not take aspirin and medicines that contain aspirin for two weeks before surgery.
  • Patients with hypertension should control pressure under 140/90mm Hg before the operation.
  • Do not take anti-inflammatory drugs or smoke 3-5 days before the surgery as this can result to anticoagulation.
  • Get a 3-day sick leave from work.
  • Bring along a family member or a friend for convenience.
The Procedure

The lift can be undertaken under local anesthesia or together with other procedures under general anesthesia. After making the design of the excision, the local anesthesia is injected. The skin is extracted and the wound sealed in 2 layers.

Post Operation
  • The bandage can be removed on day 1.
  • To reduce swelling, cold compress a day after the procedure.
  • Pain medication is necessary for a short post-operative period.
  • The suture lines are cleaned with peroxide by the patient and an ointment applied.
  • Avoid unnecessary smiling and touching.
  • Avoid hot or cold foods.
  • The patient can resume lipstick application after a week.
  • In case of discomfort after the procedure, the patient can control it with medication.
  • Some soreness on the area treated can last up to 2-5 days. Some slight bruising might occur, which can be covered with makeup.
  • The remainder stays in place for several years. For long lasting results, patients often receive two treatments in a period of six months.
  • The stitch is off on day 7 and after that follow up on day 14.