• Lip Reduction

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Lip Reduction


Lip reduction is a surgical procedure carried out to minimize lips in people who feel their lips are too big. Lip reduction is a secure procedure that can be performed in the office. Typically, invisible incisions are placed inside the lip.

  • Inform the surgeon on any known allergies, acute medical condition(s), and any medications you may be taking whether prescription or non-prescription.
  • Two weeks before surgery, avoid taking aspirin and aspirin-containing medicines.
  • For patients with hypertension, pressure should be controlled below 140/90 mm Hg before they can get the procedure.
  • Anti-inflammatory drugs and smoking should be avoided 3-5 days before the operation as they can result to anticoagulation.
  • Organize for a 5-day sick leave from work.
  • For convenience, bring along a friend.
  • Ensure you have a meal before you get in for the procedure.
  • It may feel uncomfortable to brush your teeth after the surgery.
The Procedure

Lip reduction is performed under local anesthesia. A tiny incision is made across the inner lip. Here, extra fat and tissue are removed. When done, the lip is sutured for proper healing.

A lip reduction operation can be carried out alone, or it may be combined with a different cosmetic procedure to get the best results. The entire procedure takes between 15 and 30 minutes to complete.

Post Operation
  • The patient should clean the suture lines.
  • Avoid unnecessary smiling and touching lips.
  • Avoiding drinking or eating hot or cold foods.
  • The patient can resume lipstick application in a week.
  • Some swellings at the area treated may last up to 5-7 days. There may be some slight bruising, which can be concealed with makeup.
  • Eat clean foods to prevent infection.
  • To reduce swelling in the first 1-2 day(s), cold compress.
  • Always gargle.
  • Eat soft foods after the operation.
  • Do not use the tongue to touch the incision.
  • Follow up is often after 1 week.