Thyroid Chrondoplasty (or also known as Adam’s apple shaving) is used to reduce the visibility of the Adam’s apple in transgender women.

An Operation might be operated by Local anaesthesia or General anaesthesia only for reduce the bulge of an Adam’s apple, not involve voice tone. To flatten the Adam’s apple cannot be so deep to avoid damage to the vocal chord behind the Adam’s apple.

Adam’s apple is the biggest cartilage of the larynx called “Thyroid cartilage”. This cartilage is a structure of larynx on the windpipe. Adam’s apple looks like a couple of 2 square-shield.

The cartilage on the front of male’s thyroid is bulging more than female, due to the angle between a couple of cartilage in the male is about 90°, but in a female is about 120° made the female’s cartilage is more flat than the male.

There is difference of cartilage’s hardness between the teenagers in 18-29 years old and the older. The teenagers have the softer cartilages that can be shaved easier than the older. According to the 30 years and older s’ cartilage might contain a cumulative calcium to be harder. To perform a surgery by local anaesthesia the surgeon needs to perform by shaving the cartilage. Thus, it is recommended to perform the surgery for the older than 29 years old by General Anaesthesia for more easier and safe.

Operation technique

An operation will begin with opening skin underneath a chin. As General, the wound will be at the top and located by merging the crease of the throat for hiding. However, there may still a little bulge because the thyroid cartilage can’t be cut off as damaging the vocal chords and nerves. The operation must be safe by smoothing the front of cartilage without effect to voice.


An Operation Techniques must be estimated before operation for the best way.

1. Select the anaesthesia, the candidate who is more than 30 years old, to operate might be more difficult and operate with the special machine for smoothing. It’s nessesary to consult with surgeon first to choose between Local anaesthesia or General anaesthesia

2. Scar
Surgeon will mark the scar position by sitting or look up posture before surgery. The surgeon will make the scar as the highest position for hiding, so this procedure needs to estimate for the best hiding position and easy to operate.

while lookup, scar will be higher Adam’s apple for 2-3 cm. for hiding and when look straight it will hide as folding. If the candidate looks down and the scar stills are visible, the surgeon may try other position to be higher for covering by the chin.

3. Checking for hoarse voice before surgery.

The Procedure

1. Open the top position underneath the chin (best position for hiding scar).
2. Dissect muscle at the Adam’s apple’s area.
3. Flatten the cartilage, if there is hard to operate because of the calcium, might sharpen by machine.
4. Sew the wound from inside to outside.


In the case of local anesthesia, need to refrain from water and food 6 hours before surgery.

If the candidate age is more than 30 years old. Possibly has calcium on the cartilage that cannot cut as normal. May a general anesthesia for surgery.

Refrain from taking Aspirin 10 days before surgery.

Take vacation leave from work 7-10 days before the surgery day.

Please inform surgeon if you have some congenital disease as diabetes, heart disease or allergic to Penicillin, Sulfa, etc.

Pacemaker implantation user should not have the surgery. Because some electric may affect the function of the pacemaker.

For person with high blood pressure. Must be controlled below 140/90 mm Hg Before surgery.

People with Heart disease should consult with doctor before surgery.

Refrain from some herbs, such as garlic or ginkgo leaves and vitamin E for about 10 days before surgery.

According to there may be swelling in the neck after surgery please take a rest 3 days for recovery


1. As general, a voice will be normal after surgery but if there is something abnormal please inform the surgeon as suddenly.
2. You will have stitches cut after surgery as 5 days later.
3. If there is abnormal swelling of bleeding should inform the surgeon as suddenly.
4. The wound would be distinct from the first month and it will reduce.
5. Might have a massage softly at the wound to reduce tightness.
6. After take the plaster off, need to spread external care as 2 times per day
7. Skincare is admitted after surgery as 2 weeks later.