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Six-Pack Surgery in Thailand

Abdominal etching, or six pack surgery, is an effective procedure for enhancing the abdominal muscles. Find out more about six pack surgery in Bangkok.


Six Pack Surgery, or six pack liposculpture, is another name for abdominal etching, a procedure designed to remove fat from the abdominal region through a special liposuction technique.

Many men struggle to get six pack abs through diet and exercise alone. Abdominal etching is a liposuction technique that removes excess fat between the abdominal muscles. This can help you achieve a more contoured abdomen resembling a six-pack stomach.  As a result of the surgery, your stomach will appear tighter, firmer and more muscular. 

Surgery Time
3-4 hours
General Anesthesia
A month

Am I a Good Candidate for Six-Pack Surgery?

Six pack surgery is not a substitute for weight loss. Ideal candidates for the surgery are generally healthy men who are already have a regular exercise regimen and a healthy diet. As a rule of thumb, you shouldn’t have more than 2 cm of fat in the abdominal region that can be “pinched”. During your consultation, your surgeon will advise whether you’re an ideal candidate for this type of procedure, or if you would benefit from another body contouring procedure first.

Six-Pack Surgery


Abdominal etching is very similar to other forms of liposculpture. Using standard liposuction equipment, the surgeon will target and remove pockets of fat in the abdominal region in order to modify the contour of your abs.

Before the procedure, detailed markings are made resembling the patient’s flexed abs. The fatty tissue covering the abs is then permanently removed via small lateral incisions made within the natural creases of the abdomen. By removing a small amount of fat, the surgery will highlight your individual muscular structure for an improved definition.

Abdominal etching is performed on an outpatient basis, meaning you will be able to return home on the same day, usually within a few hours.

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The Results

Before the Surgery

  • Read the pre-surgery instructions They will help prevent complications and improve outcomes for your surgery.
  • Plan to take one week off work and your normal activities.


  • Some bruising and swelling is normal, but with proper care and medication, this is manageable.
  • You can take a shower after 48 hours.
  • A compression garment should be worn for 3-6 weeks post-surgery.
  • You should be able to return to work within one week.
  • Avoid exercise, heavy lifting or putting any pressure on your abdominal area for the first 3 weeks.
  • After 3 weeks you may gradually return to your exercise routine.