• Pectoral etching

Pectoral Etching is a new option for men who hate the inconvenience of implants or discomfort. It’s a technique taken from abdominal etching method which is used to give contours to the tummy area, but in this case, it’s the reduction of men’s breasts through liposuction procedure.

Through liposuction, the excess fat of the breast tissue is sucked out leaving behind a modest pad of fat which is placed over the pecs making a contrast to the real muscle. This surgery reduces the size of the breasts hence they appear smaller than they initially were while the muscles appear larger.

Men who have pectoral etching do not have to worry about their body rejecting implants which is a common occurrence in a majority of pectoral implant cases. Those with pectoral etching are assured of a safe and rather, a permanent result with virtually undetectable scars left in most patients.


  • Men with puny, concave chicken like chests.
  • Men who believe their breasts make them look more feminine and soft appearing.
  • Men who are not satisfied with their chest size, despite maintaining a regular workout and a healthy lifestyle.
  • Men who have had a lot of weight loss but have been left with a saggy skin on the chest
  • Men who sense their chest area is looking deflated because of aging
  • Other healthy men who are willing to undergo this procedure


  • Scars left behind are in most cases invisible
  • A patient uses their graft
  • The results of the procedure are permanent and satisfying to patients


Liposuction wet technique is the single popular body site in which fat is surgically removed.

  1. Standard technique

This is a popular procedure performed in healthy people. It involves liposuction on the edge of the body pectoral muscles.

  1. Technique 2

It’s the technique used for patients who have fat in between two pectoral muscles. In this technique, liposuction may be done at the edge and also in between the affected pectoral muscles.

  1. Technique 3

This is a unique technique for patients with extreme fats and Gynecomastia. The patient may need liposuction on edge and Gynecomastia surgery which involves a reduction in big men breast.

  1. Technique 4

This is for patients with small pectoral muscle. Liposuction is performed with the pectoral implant by using small implant size.

  1. Technique 5

This is for patients with small pectoral muscle but do not desire to place implants in their body. Such patients may require liposuction with reinjection on muscle to make them bigger and get a perfect outcome.


1.    Pre operation consultation

  • The doctor examines the liposuction area and the volume of fat on the body area.
  • Patients who need Gynecomastia surgery or implant insertion discuss with the physician about any information the doctor deems useful to the patient and also any questions the patient may have.
  • Some patients may need abdominal liposuction.
  • Some patients may need insert implant
  • Inform the doctor about any medical conditions you may have

2.    Pre-operation preparation

  • The patient should stop smoking before the surgery. This usually promotes better healing for the patient
  • Patients with a long history of taking aspirins are encouraged to stop taking them preferably 7 days before the surgery time. Certain anti-inflammatory drugs and herbal medications should also be stopped for they can cause increased bleeding.
  • Bring a friend on the day of the surgery
  • Shave the armpit hair
  • The patient going for the surgery should not eat 8 hours before the operation.
  • A patient is supposed to be at the hospital 3-4 hours before the procedure for documents filling and preparations
  • Leave precious belongings at home
  • Patients who are 40 years old and above, are required to have a medical checkup and an electrocardiogram 1 week before the operation day
  • If on the day of the procedure a patient experiences fever, he should inform the doctor
  • Wear a loose fitting shirt
The Procedure
  • Doctor localizes the liposuction area
  • The patient is given an anesthesia
  • After the anesthesia starts working, the doctor makes a small incision of precisely 0.5 cm on the edge of armpit or nipples
  • The doctor uses a special cannula to suction the fat on the area then stitches off.
  • The patient is supposed to use special garment
  • The surgery takes approximately 1-2 hours.
Post Operation

After the operation, a patient will be sore and stiff with their chest muscles feeling tight. The incisions will heal in about 14 days while those who had an implant inserted healing will be complete in about 6 weeks.

  • The first day after the operation the doctor dresses the area
  • Patient should wear garment to decrease swelling
  • Refrain from lifting the arm more than 45 degrees for 1 week
  • Organize a 2-3 day sick leave from work
  • Avoid heavy exercise right after the operation day
  • Patient is supposed to follow drug prescription strictly
  • Avoid soaking on the incision for 6-7 days after surgery
  • On the 5th day after the operation, a stitch off is required. Also, a follow up on symptoms should be done in 1st, 4th, 12th and 24th weeks.
  • Use an extra pillow while sleeping for 2 weeks
  • After 6 weeks, one can resume daily activities but avoid lifting of heavy stuff for about 3 weeks
  • Sunbathing should be avoided
  • Avoid sex for 2 weeks
  • You will experience some pain, redness and swelling after the procedure. Consult with your doctor to be certain your pain, redness, and swelling are normal or a sign of a complication.
  • Use cold packs to reduce swelling in the affected areas
  • Gently massage your scar.