• Penis enlargement


Penis enlargement surgery is the most promising procedure for increasing the penile size and aesthetics with progressive and lasting results. It can be done individually or alongside a penis lengthening procedure. Its purpose is to increase thickness or penile girth. Your doctor’s credibility, safety and permanence of the procedure are the most important factors to consider when going for an enlargement surgery.

Men who feel inadequate because of their penis appearance should really think through the decision of having cosmetic surgery, particularly when the size is within the normal range.



  • Men suffering anxiety because of their penis size, which hinders normal life enjoyment
  • Men with naturally small penis


  1. Non-surgical treatment

Most classified adverts you see in men’s magazine will offer the following treatment options.

  • Vacuum ‘developers’.
  • Attaching weights to the penis to elongate it.
  • Stimulating penis growth using magnetic or electrical devices.
  • ‘Hormone’ therapy, which may at times contain testosterone or other sex related hormones such as steroids.
  • Remedies from an assortment of herbs from all over the world.

There is no credible evidence from published research showing the effectiveness of these treatments for permanent penis size increase.

  1. Surgical treatment

         2.1 Fat Injection

Liposuction to remove fat from thighs or abdominal walls, into the dartos fascia, beneath the penile shaft skin. Removal of extra fat around pubic area, which tends to bury penis and make it appear less prominent. A temporary 1.4cm length gain. Fat in pubic area will build up again once the patient regains weight, which will be reabsorbed overtime causing a somewhat smaller size penis. It is a popular technique. Indiscernible scar

          2.2 Inserting grafts of dermis and fat

  • Use dermis (a tissue layer beneath the skin surface with adequate supply of blood vessels)
  • Extract fat from the groin or buttock parts in the penile shaft.
  • Dermal grafts close non-healing wound openings on the body. The dermal graft is sutured in the defective part and sometimes to the neighboring healthy skin where it begins to assimilate itself into the fresh site by structuring novel vessels for blood supply.
  • An extra graft is cropped from the buttock area and inserted into the penis, under the shaft skin and above the erectile body.
  • Prepare for a 10-day stay in Thailand
  • Do not smoke 1-2 weeks before the surgery to prevent avoidable complications.
  • Avoid Arnica tablets, anti-inflammatory drugs, analgesics such as Aspirin and large doses of Vitamin E before surgery. They tend to promote blood loss during the procedure.
  • Let us know about any allergies, serious or chronic condition(s), and if you are on any medication (both prescription and non-prescription).
  • Clean the surgical area prior to the operation.
  • Dress in comfortable underwear.
  • Cut pubic hair.
  • If you need liposuction technique, prepare a compressive garment.
The Procedure
  1. Fat injection

Placed on local anesthesia with epinephrine on the preferred area then an incision of about 0.5 cm. A cannula is inserted for fat vacuuming. Fat is re-injected around penis at 30 – 100CC

  1. Grafting the dermis

The patient is sedated or put under GA then the dermal graft is harvested from the buttock area. Next, it’s grafted into the penis, beneath the shaft skin and above the erectile part

The dermis will be enlarged to ensure it covers urethra for convenience. The incision is closed.

Post Operation
  1. Introduction of liposuction fat
  • Clean surrounding incision area using normal saline
  • Apply betadine on the incision
  • Remove the stitch 5 days after the operation
    Make arrangements for a 10-day stay in Thailand
  • Avoid intercourse for 3 weeks
  • Swelling will fade away 15-20 days post-operation
    Contact the office in case of any problems
  • Control swelling by covering the erectile tissue with a special bandage for about 1-2 weeks because swellings cause discomforts when discharging urine
  • Have protected sex on the 4th day post-operative for at least 3 weeks
  1. Dermis grafting
  • Clean the incision area and open dermal graft for harvest
  • Clean and treat the incision with betadine
  • If you are operated on the thigh, remove stitch on the 5th day after operation, and 10-15th day if operated on the buttock
  • Control swelling by covering the erectile tissue using a special bandage for about 1-2 weeks
  • You don’t need to stitch off the incision
    Avoid intercourse for at least 3 weeks post-operation
  • Risks of infection and bleeding
  • Possible ‘scrotalisation’ of the penis after a lengthening procedure where the organ appears to be stemming from the scrotum rather than the abdominal wall.
  • ‘Dog-ears’ at rear ends of the operation scar
  • Skin sloughing (during penile lengthening) causes poor blood circulation, withers skin and leaves a deep, ulcerated area.
  • Loss of girth caused by fat re-absorption after fat injection.
  • Nodule formation when the fat injection does not disappear evenly. The penis gets a deformed appearance from crooked fatty lumps.