• Penis lenthen

  •  Penis lengthening surgery elongates both non-erect and erect length of the penis.
  •  On average, you will gain an extra length of about 4 cm or 1.5 inches. This differs from one person to another. It is hard to tell before the surgery the actual length that you will gain.
  •  Do not expect to gain any length beyond 4-5 cm, beyond which some complications may arise.

Operation techniques

Extend internal ligament

  • The penis consists of two parts within the suprapubic area: a “visible” outer part and an “invisible” inner part. The pedestal part of the penis is connected to the pubic bone through a sensory ligament that hinders furthering out of the penis, giving an arched angle to the penile support area. Once the ligaments are released, it creates room for the inner part of the penis to budge forward and outside of the pubic region. This alters the slant of the arch and creates more space for the penis to stretch further. So the outer and visible part of the penis is lengthened in its ratio compared to the inner invisible part to provide length increases of between 1 and 2 inches.
  •  A little opening of about 3 cm in the pubic hair area and reorganizing the penis’ internal ligaments. The back ligaments remain intact to enable a constant end-to-end stability.
  •  With the use of suture techniques, make a fresh anchor-point for the external (front) section where the actual lengthening is being done.
  • It will set straight the inner path of the penis that was slanted and bent before.
  • Surgical technique does not tamper with penis root and the region where the vessels, urethra and nerves join the penis.
  •  The amount of lengthening is determined by present angle and length of the penis’ symphysis (pelvis’ anchor-point), and the structure of the ligaments.
  1. Preoperation consultation
  • Take you penile size measurement during erection and non erection
  •  Consult about any serious medical conditions
  •  Incision on corona or penis root area
  • Liposuction may be required on pubic area
  • Penis enlargement can be done alongside liposuction, but with special care
  1. Pre operation preparation
  • Do not smoke 2 weeks before the surgery to prevent avoidable complications
  • Arrange for 10-day stay in Thailand
  • Bathe and shave pubic hair before entering the operation room
  • Let the surgeon know about any allergies, serious or chronic conditions, current medications and type (both prescription and non-prescription)
  • Dress in comfortable underwear
  • Notify doctor if you require liposuction
  •  Take sleeping pill a day prior the operation to calm you down
  •  Do not take food and water 6 hrs before the operation
  • Shave pubic hair
The Procedure
  •  Patient on seductive or GA
  •  Incisions are made at the root of the penis (area of intersection of the penis and pubic area).
  •  Penis is released from its accessories (suspensory ligaments) to the pubic symphysis.
  •  The opening is closed using a local tissue without using any implant
  •  Covering the new lengthened penis using skin from the penis and/or the pubic area. Post-op traction is done to reduce a possibility of retraction and to offer a more natural shaft skin.
  •  Normal functions such as urination and copulation remain unaffected. However, the erection angle will adjust slightly from a vertical angle to a more horizontal one.
  • Incision closed
Post Operation
  1. Taking care of the incision
  • Clean the incision daily
  • Remove stitches 7-10 days after the operation
  • Swelling disappears in 15-20 days after the operation
  • Avoid sexual intercourse for 4 weeks
  • Take medicine to prevent penile erection, 10 days post-operation
  • Avoid sexually stimulating media content
  • Apply special technique to prevent penile retraction for 4 weeks
  1. Result after the operation
  • Possible loss of sexual drive; but will normalize after a month
  • Does not cause any sexual and urine discharge
  • Erection angle may change from 120 to 90 degree
  • Size depends on individual patient (1.5-2 inches)
  • Penis enlargement is allowed 3-6 months after operation