• Testicular Implant

Testicular implant is a safe procedure which is used to restore missing or removed testis. Testicular implant is also known as Testis Prostheses. It is also a procedure used to restore a normal way the male scrotum looks and maybe restore the quality of one’s life. It is a procedure which has been used for about 50 years to replace missing or removed testis. For so many reasons, both adult men and children loose a testis or it is removed. For example, a cancer patient who has surgery and a testis is removed, others because of twisting and others lack proper development of a normal testis. Testicular prostheses are a safe procedure which is not so complicated. Testis implant is not a procedure used for recreating a normal functioning testis, the implants do not make sperms or male hormones.


  • Testis implants are not only used for cosmetics reasons; they are also used to improve the quality of a man’s life.
  • For the men who experienced traumatic accidents, testis cancer, twisting of testis or torsion in most cases require removal of the affected testicles. If attempts to find and lower a testicle in to the scrotum are not successful, the testicle is removed to prevent any future danger of developing testis cancer.
  • Men with small, non-functioning testes also maybe candidates for testis implantation.

Implant type

Types of implants are classified into the following categories;

  • Substance;
  1. Silicone gel
  2. Silicone elastomer which is a soft solid silicone
  • Testis are of different sizes;
  1. They are of 5 different variations
  2. Some are oval in shape
  • Other testicles are made of high Cohesive Gel
  1. Some are made with a smooth shell surface
  2. A small flap is used to hold it and ease the stich up from the surrounding tissues.
  • There are two reasons why the implantation may not be advised. This reasons for contraindication are;
  1. Cancer
  2. Infection
  • Pre operation consultation
  1. During this period, a candidate is examined whether they are qualified for the implantation procedure or not.
  2. The candidate is supposed to choose the type and orientation of scrotum they prefer, consider the implant, decide on the size of the testis and the optimal placement of the incision.
  • A seduction or a local anesthesia fit for the candidate is chosen.
  1. Tests are carried on blood and urine
  2. Patients health condition is also considered

The procedure can be rescheduled if the right conditions are not met. Patients who have prostate cancer need a special consideration.

Pre operation preparation

  • Smoking and taking of other drugs such as aspirin should be avoided two weeks before the surgery date. This is advised to avoid any complications during or after the surgery.
  • A patient should be prepared to stay in Thailand for about 7 days during the surgery period
  • It’s advised for a patient to take a shower and shave pubic hair before the operation day
  • Any forms of allergies and medical conditions should be shared with the doctor. If the patient is on any type of medication both prescription and non-prescription, they should also inform the doctor.
  • The patient should wear comfortable underwear.
  • Six hours before the operation, a patient should not take food and water.
  • A patient can take a sleeping pill day before the operation to help them calm down.
The Procedure

It’s a small surgical procedure which takes about 30-40 minutes under administration of anesthesia. The procedure is performed on a come and go basis. Before the procedure, patients get a thorough skin preparation and intravenous antibiotics. An incision is made in the scrotum to place the device. Before the prosthetic is placed inside the scrotum it’s bathed in an antibiotic solution filled with salty water and then through the small incision made on the scrotum it is inserted. It is then examined if it’s suitable and whether it is in a good position. After that the incision is then closed.

Post Operation
  1. How to take care of the incision:
  • For seven days after the operation a patient should avoid any strenuous exercises including sex or lifting of heavy things. After the seven days’ period, a patient should be able to get back to normal activities but depending on how comfortable they are. If it feels uncomfortable, it is advised to slow down.
  • After the surgery a patient should apply ice packs to the groin area for 24 hours to help with the swelling.
  • Those patients whose jobs involve deskwork or very light activity; they can return to work 2 or 3 days after the surgery. While making decision to go back to work, a patient should know that for the first few days it is expected that a patient will experience some discomfort.
  • Showering should be on daily basis but one should not soak in bath for at least 5 days. The sutures which are buried under the skin needs to be stitched off 7 days after the operation.
  • Alcoholic beverages should be avoided for at least 24 hours.
  • After the surgery it’s not advised for a patient to drive or operate a heavy machinery.
  • After 3 or 7 days’ patient should follow up.
  1. Complication:
  • Excessive bleeding
  • Some patients may get infections
  • Calcification also occurs but in rare cases
  • Other patients may experience lymph problem
  • A small percentage of those who undergo through the procedure experience numbness
  • Children who get the operation in most cases need to change the size in future.