• Labia lipofilling

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Labia lipofilling


Due to excess skin or asymmetry, some individuals do not have the desired fullness in the labia majora area. However, extremely small(hypotrophy) or a total lack (atrophy) of the labia majora can be made thicker by injecting fat cells to make the labia majora look younger.

This surgery brings back the sexiness of the vulva by forming a “fuller” appearance, more toned and youthful.

Excess fat from areas such as the stomach, inner knees, inner thigh etc., is extracted and filtered to remain with the best portions. It is then infused in the labia majora. This is a natural procedure that doesn’t introduce foreign materials into the body. In addition, it’s quick and short.

  • Don’t eat solid foods 6 hours before the operation
  • Be ready to stay in Thailand for 5 days
  • Let your doctor know if you have any acute medical conditions
  • To enhance quick healing, do not smoke for 2 weeks prior to surgery
  • Don’t take aspirin, some anti-inflammatory drugs, and other herbal medications as they can increase bleeding
  • No matter the type of surgery to be carried out, it’s paramount to stay well hydrated before and after surgery.
  • Don’t undergo the surgery when on your periods.
The Procedure

The patient is put under local anesthesia or GA then the doctor makes an incision on the groin (lower stomach) or thigh. A cannula is entered and siphons the fat.  The fat is treated well, then injected into the labia area. It’s reinjected to desired size. When well done, the area is stitched in with a thin suture material.

Post Operation
  • Remain in hospital for at least 1 day if you were put under GA
  • Don’t get the incision wet
  • You will have a bruise for 14 days
  • The stitches are off on the 5th