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Alarplasty / Alar Base Reduction in Bangkok

Alarplasty, also known as alar reduction surgery, is a very common cosmetic procedure performed with the aim of altering the shape of the nose.


People seek rhinoplasty (nasal surgery) for various reasons. These include nasal deformity caused by an injury or illness, mechanical obstruction of air passage through the nose or for aesthetic reasons.

Patients seeking surgery for aesthetic reasons generally have the desire to transform the undesirable shapes and proportions of the nose into conventional ones that are more aesthetically pleasing. Wide nostrils, for example, are common among many ethnicities. However, people with this type of nose often feel that their noses don’t conform to cultural ideals of beauty.

Alar Reduction is a common cosmetic surgery procedure to reshape and reduce the size of the nostrils. The aim is to decrease the alar (the base) of the nose to create harmony and balance between the tip and the base of the nose.

This type of procedure is also commonly referred to as nostril reduction or alar reduction surgery. It is a fairly minor surgery that can be performed under local anesthesia. However, you should be realistic in your expectations.



The surgeon will administer a local anesthetic to completely numb the operative area. Preoperative markings will guide the surgeon to the extent of nasal tissue to be extracted.

The surgeon will make an incision on the outside over the area where the nostril connects to the cheek. The incision will proceed along the preoperative markings to the inside the nose in order to remove the extra tissue. The surgeon will use sutures to reattach the nostril to the base of the nose for a narrower appearance. This technique is then repeated on the other side. Because incisions are hidden within the natural creases of the nose, visual scarring will be minimal.

The whole operation typically takes 1 hour to perform, and no hospitalization is required.

Before & After

Before the Surgery

  • Read the pre-surgery instructions They will help prevent complications and improve outcomes for your surgery.
  • Plan to stay in Thailand 2-3 days after your surgery.
  • Prepare an ice pack or ice-cubes in the freezer.
  • Wash your face in the morning; don’t wear any make-up.
  • You may want to bring a friend along to take you home afterwards.


  • Gently clean the sutures with a cotton swab dipped in sterile water for the first week.
  • A follow-up appointment to remove the stitches will be made after 5 days.
  • You should rest with your head elevated as this will help minimize swelling and bruising.
  • Avoid heavy lifting or strenuous exercise for 2 weeks.
  • You should be able to return to work and resume most normal activities within a few days